Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Turret Appreciation Post

Dudes...the man shut down the turret. It was pre-summer
super bummer

It was a creation station, a breeding ground for derelict imagination.

Booze, pee-bottles, and extension cords were its secret guts.

Boys and girls camped and talked story about the ocean there.

It was decorated by the lives and leftovers of the great art people.

It was Rad, a shaggy seaman's Bachelor pad.

It housed the creative headband of the Sunset

Turret...your vibe has been appreciated.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I Bone (only in SF)

The most creative way to express your contempt for things you don't understand... kudos dudes.

All you need is 1 x-ray, 1 bent moped fork, and a fucking awesome garage.

Tuesday tattoo... thanks again dudes

Park Chalet I'll miss your grass

TROOOOOOOOOBBLE! Getting the twins on an early start to Sunset acclimation.

Sometimes it's cool when your phone acts weird.

Best block in the sunset. Even the taggers can't get it right.