Monday, April 28, 2008


Mini paintings for those who love waves and wood. If you click'm the get bigger!

Friday, April 18, 2008

aLaya DUH!

Yes. He did do two floatters on a finless plank.

Thanks Brett.

Rustang salad: The SAX rides again!

One day our Sachs moped decided it was going vomit gas all over the road and stop working. And so she sat there tainted and abandoned for months. Who knew all it would take was a carb clean and a three month nap for her to be back out on the street, slower than ever.

Love At first ride

Saturday, April 05, 2008


WAGENER/ALAYA 6'10" x Pretty Narrow x really thin
While most of us would have a hard time even standing one of these boards, Those who can really know how to make it look easy. After viewing some footage of some Ozzy dudes shredding on these at a shiny little point break, I was given the chance to try one out. Here is a word of advice: Don't ride one at OB. Find a nice little soft happy place
for your first voyage, practice paddling, and maybe you will stand up. If you don't. Shred some prone rides. Its equally awesome.

Tom Wagener and Family make these from palonia wood over in OZ. This particular board stood out for me because it was the first one I saw with a swallow tail. You know. For extra speed. She's got a slight hard rail in the rear, and bit of V through the tail. That's it. None of this pussy Fin/ Skeg shit. Just a slippery plank of raddness. If you haven't seen dudes shredding on them yet, you will in Thomas Campell's new film "The Present" They come in wide range of sizes. From belly to stand up they really bring the fun if you know where to to look.